Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Doc Gooden’s Jersey-Cut & Auto

This amazin’ card is from Upper Deck as part of their series knows as, “Reflections”. That’s because the card itself is a kind of rainbow clear refractor. And the jersey-cut is fantastic, featuring a piece of an orange letter in there! 

There were 50 made and this is numbered 15. Gooden also signed the card to really increase its overall value! 

When Gooden came on the scene in the mid-80’s, he absolutely dominated. Batters couldn’t figure out how to hit his curve. His slider. His fastball! I had the great fortune of seeing him pitch live at Shea Stadium with my pop, and let me tell everyone reading: the guy theee lightening! 

Today, his signed items tend to fetch more than his cards. But this is only because he’s from that era of overproduction and printing mayhem. I can still recall the fever, which everyone had, seeking his 1984 Topps Traded rookie card at shows! 

The 84 Topps Traded Tiffany in Mt condition, non-pro graded, goes for $50. Whereas a signed photo of ball might catch twice this amount. Either way? He was a wonderful pitcher whose career shouldn’t be overlooked by any means. 

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