Friday, December 15, 2017

Edward “Whitey” Ford, A Loyal Hall of Fame Pitcher

Whitey Ford was an amazing pitcher who not only had commanding control of his pitches, the man helped a beligerent Mickey Mantle get back to his hotel room. 

Ford was a trusted pitcher, a hall of famer who remained consistent throughout his long career. He was a pitcher from another time, another era. I was lucky enough to call WFAN and get through to call and ask Ford a question. Something about pitching then versus pitching now (which was 1989). He mentioned something about stamina, I believe. And how it helped everyone from his era. 

I can only imagine how much value this card will gain over time. This 1954 Bowman has beautiful colors. Ford’s pose is on point. Classic. 

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Charlie “Wild Thing” Sheen Auto Jersey

Charlie Sheen gave the performance of his lifetime in the hit film, “Major League”. As the erratic and wild relief pitcher for the Indiahs, Sheen etched his name in the halls of epic baseball badasses. 

The jersey is presently up for auction on EBay for 24 hours. A percentage of the sale will go to The HIV Family Fund.