Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Around the Horn Cards: A Digital Store with More

Getting everything up online is taking a while, but it is happening! We have a fairly large inventory over here, but it's all getting up and out! I'm a huge fan of Mercari and hope to see y'all there! It's a great platform and am presently utilizing it more than EBay. 

Friday, November 9, 2018

So Many Items/Hot Investments Now Available

This 1969 Topps Seaver is a great card! A HOF pitcher with a brilliant career, this gem pictured above, is available  This is two years after his famous rookie card. 

This 2016 Topps Stadium Club sealed box of 24 packs, is bound to gain in value! A smart investment, this box is also available

Yannkees vintage superstars and amazing rookie cards? Yup-also available and a terrific addition to any collection. Both Mantle and Jeter cards are available

We'll be uploading more to EBay as well as to Next Door (czg123 in the 90027 area) and a few other forums. Follow us on InstaGram: athcards 

More coming up! Check back and look around. 

Amazing Two-Box LOT: Topps Museum Collection Sealed

These incredible sealed Topps Museum Collection boxes, are available in a special lot-featuring both the Asia Edition 2013, and 2016!

Both boxes are a wonderful investment and loaded with hits! 

Monday, October 8, 2018

AUTOGRAPHED HOFer Kirby Puckett Bat

This incredible Kirby Puckett autographed bat, has been authenticated by JSA and is a wonderful investment or addition to the serious baseball collectors' collection! 

Kirby was the hero of the game, numerous times throughout his long career. Whether in the World Series or regular game during the season, the Hall of Famer always gave 110%! His quick bat speed and hustle were admired by all the greats in baseball from Ted Williams to Bob Feller.

This is wonderful piece of major league baseball history and certainly, a wise investment! 

Monday, June 11, 2018

A Perfectly MINT 1959 Fleer Ted Williams

Here, for crypto, a gem mint 1959 Fleer Ted Williams, "Ted Reaches 400" card! This card was graded by SGC and given a 9 for "Mint". It's a beautiful card and reminds us of what a truly gifted and powerful hitter Williams was. 

This Hall of Famer for the Red Sox, was the last player to hit .400 in a season. No one has done it since. This card was also the start of card companies paying homage to superstar players.

To get it, just CLICK ME!!!

Unopened Wax Box 1984 Fleer!!!

1984 was a great year for baseball and cards! We presently have this unopened beauty on Bitify and accepting cryptocurrency for our baseball treasures! 

At this point in time, we'd prefer to accept crypto over fiat. Cut the PayPal middle play and trade directly with people. Crypto for baseball treats and treasures like this! To get this item and others, please 

Saturday, April 28, 2018

That Classic Mantle

Mickey Mantle was, no doubt, a fantastic power hitter and a graceful outfielder. Known for hitting baseballs 565 feet and wrapping himself up in medical tape just to play, The Mick was legend. 

His items still carry a tremendous weight in the hobby that is baseball card collecting. His 1951 Bowman rookie is still a holy grail of sorts. But as time goes on, the stories one used to hear of boys’ collections getting tossed by disgruntled, non-understanding parents have given way to the “how I won an auction” or “I bought it at a shop” variety of oral tradition. 

This 1964 Topps pictured above, is a testament to Mantle’s stature and power. He’s looking out where the imaginary pitcher would be, almost Clint Eastwood-like. His arms and stance tell us he’s ready for any pitch, any time and he’ll jack out out of the ballpark. And he could. As the years go by in his illustrious career, one noticed his seriousness in his cards. He’s not the all smiles bumpkin from his rookie and few cards thereafter. He’s experienced. He has Championship rings. He’s Mickey Mantle! 

Monday, April 16, 2018

Unopened Boxes Selling Like Hotcakes

Based upon the two porch store events we’ve hosted, of all the baseball items to sell the most, so far, it’s been unopened boxes—both new and retro. It seems they’re being purchased for many reasons, but from what I’ve gathered, it’s mainly to invest, and keep sealed. 

While a few customers expressed joy to open the packs and see what they get, mainly, the goal of keeping them sealed, as I have for so many years, is why they’re being bought. Investment.

Autographed jerseys have been hot too, selling most recently a Trout (to Jim and Julie for their friend’s birthday—what a present!), and a Reggie Jackson throwback. We have a ton of signed jerseys for sale!
Check out our Bench auction on EBay

I prefer to deal with our item in-person, face-to-face. Too much time spent online is droll and static. Conversation and negotiation is best in real life, not on the internet. In-person, I get to find out why an item is purchased. I can see the buyer and feel good knowing where my collectibles are going. 

As a collector and fan myself, it’s never easy to part with items. Ever. Even if I make more money than I thought I would, it’s still gut-wrenching. When I see and know there’s another collector out there, with similar interests, it eases my tension. It’s rewarding. It then makes it feel as though my cherished collectibles are being passed on, to be enjoyed and cherished by someone else.

Investing is key. To truly take part, it’s all about building collections and relationships with others who collect and invest. These items will only gain value as time and life move on. To be a part of it all, and to see how the market and hobby has changed, is remarkable.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

A Sunday Porch Shop

Our five year old sunshine boy, helps me run the porch as well as select cards and other merchandise. 

Some items found for our next porch sale, Sunday 4/15/18, 10am-3ish!

Around the Horn Cards had a successful first run on Sunday, April 8th. In addition to our fantastic cards, we offer records, toys, video games, great books and tricks. Next time out, we hope to have more records, cards, autographed items like jerseys, bats and balls. There were a few requests for more non-sports cards, in addition to NFL and NBA. I’m happy to write we should have more of all.

It’s great to meet people in the neighborhood and log off. Discuss baseball and music with human beings, face-to-face. Like how it used to be. So, stop by THIS SUNDAY 8/15/18 and check out what we got!

I’m open to hunt for specific players, year and items. Simply correspond with us via HERE (this site you’re on), NextDoor or FaceBook.  

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Welcome to My Lair

Got a ton to share and sell with the world! Let me know what you’re looking for and I’ll post everything for sale! Items also posted to Ebay and other platforms! 

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

The Sweet Nine: Cards Too Big For Books

One issue collectors such as myself have had over the years, is properly displaying the oversized Bowman cards from 1954 and 1955. These beautiful cards are rich with color and have marvelous designs. The top three are from 1955 and every player and umpire (yes, umpire) was framed in a television set. 

Though nine-card sheet holders do exist for smaller mini and these larger cards, they’re harder to come by considering the need for Magic and Pok√©mon protectors have taken over the industry. 

What I enjoy about these classic cards are the poses the players got into for the camera. As natural as some tried to be or play off, others really didn’t get too far in that regard (please see the bottom left card and the one above it which appears equally as awkward). 

For instance, the card in the middle of the bottom row of 1954 Bowman, seems rather dull. The card features a great deal of sky and Clint Courtney, catcher for the Orioles. As scrappy as he may have been, Courtney does not seem particularly happy to have had to pose for this card. Perhaps this is why he was given card number, “69”—to liven things up for the good folks at Bowman, no doubt. 

The Cool Nine: Random Miscut Found

Lower Three
- Ryan Zimmerman’s Rookie Card from Topps but this special card was given out at The National. 
- T-206 George Brown, Cubs. Looks too sharp not to be cut, but who knows. Definitely worth a trip to Beckett or PSA. 
- Obak Mike Trout T-206 style (not full sized). I think this is from 2011, his rookie season. 
Middle Three:
- Roger Maris Topps 1990 I believe? Or is that 1988 they’re recreating? I forget but this card is fantastic. It’s been colorized. 
- Diamond King Jay Bruce, Donruss Panini 2013 I think...looks like 2013. Another solid card. I’m a big Bruce fan. 
- Donruss No-No’s card—Justin Verlander. Again, I think this is from 2013. 
Top Three:
- Reds Rookies 1968 Topps Heritage Throwback.
- Andrew McCutchen “Double” card from the throwback MLB card game series. Topps. 
- Nationals rookies. Same outfit. 

Above, these are the backs of the cards. All are in brilliant condition. I used to keep my books more organized: either by player, team or even position. But as time went on, I found I like the randomness of cards displayed from different eras and companies.