Wednesday, January 3, 2018

The Cool Nine: Random Miscut Found

Lower Three
- Ryan Zimmerman’s Rookie Card from Topps but this special card was given out at The National. 
- T-206 George Brown, Cubs. Looks too sharp not to be cut, but who knows. Definitely worth a trip to Beckett or PSA. 
- Obak Mike Trout T-206 style (not full sized). I think this is from 2011, his rookie season. 
Middle Three:
- Roger Maris Topps 1990 I believe? Or is that 1988 they’re recreating? I forget but this card is fantastic. It’s been colorized. 
- Diamond King Jay Bruce, Donruss Panini 2013 I think...looks like 2013. Another solid card. I’m a big Bruce fan. 
- Donruss No-No’s card—Justin Verlander. Again, I think this is from 2013. 
Top Three:
- Reds Rookies 1968 Topps Heritage Throwback.
- Andrew McCutchen “Double” card from the throwback MLB card game series. Topps. 
- Nationals rookies. Same outfit. 

Above, these are the backs of the cards. All are in brilliant condition. I used to keep my books more organized: either by player, team or even position. But as time went on, I found I like the randomness of cards displayed from different eras and companies. 

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