Saturday, April 28, 2018

That Classic Mantle

Mickey Mantle was, no doubt, a fantastic power hitter and a graceful outfielder. Known for hitting baseballs 565 feet and wrapping himself up in medical tape just to play, The Mick was legend. 

His items still carry a tremendous weight in the hobby that is baseball card collecting. His 1951 Bowman rookie is still a holy grail of sorts. But as time goes on, the stories one used to hear of boys’ collections getting tossed by disgruntled, non-understanding parents have given way to the “how I won an auction” or “I bought it at a shop” variety of oral tradition. 

This 1964 Topps pictured above, is a testament to Mantle’s stature and power. He’s looking out where the imaginary pitcher would be, almost Clint Eastwood-like. His arms and stance tell us he’s ready for any pitch, any time and he’ll jack out out of the ballpark. And he could. As the years go by in his illustrious career, one noticed his seriousness in his cards. He’s not the all smiles bumpkin from his rookie and few cards thereafter. He’s experienced. He has Championship rings. He’s Mickey Mantle! 

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