Monday, April 16, 2018

Unopened Boxes Selling Like Hotcakes

Based upon the two porch store events we’ve hosted, of all the baseball items to sell the most, so far, it’s been unopened boxes—both new and retro. It seems they’re being purchased for many reasons, but from what I’ve gathered, it’s mainly to invest, and keep sealed. 

While a few customers expressed joy to open the packs and see what they get, mainly, the goal of keeping them sealed, as I have for so many years, is why they’re being bought. Investment.

Autographed jerseys have been hot too, selling most recently a Trout (to Jim and Julie for their friend’s birthday—what a present!), and a Reggie Jackson throwback. We have a ton of signed jerseys for sale!
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I prefer to deal with our item in-person, face-to-face. Too much time spent online is droll and static. Conversation and negotiation is best in real life, not on the internet. In-person, I get to find out why an item is purchased. I can see the buyer and feel good knowing where my collectibles are going. 

As a collector and fan myself, it’s never easy to part with items. Ever. Even if I make more money than I thought I would, it’s still gut-wrenching. When I see and know there’s another collector out there, with similar interests, it eases my tension. It’s rewarding. It then makes it feel as though my cherished collectibles are being passed on, to be enjoyed and cherished by someone else.

Investing is key. To truly take part, it’s all about building collections and relationships with others who collect and invest. These items will only gain value as time and life move on. To be a part of it all, and to see how the market and hobby has changed, is remarkable.

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