Wednesday, July 24, 2019

***1982 Fleer Cello Packs Box SEALED!!!

This is the 1982 Fleer cello-pack box, which is loaded with big hits and treasures inside! The best part mainly, of opening boxes like these, are the cards are basically all going to be in mint condition! From pack to the protective case! A simple boarder, these 1982 Fleer have simple backs and were a hit at the comic book store back in the day!
 Johnny Bench towards the end of his career...
 Graded 10 Ripken Jr rookie cards go for $500 and up!
 Fastest man alive to ever step on a baseball field!
 A signed Carter '82 Fleer--amazing!
 Carter with Parker AKA The Cobra!
The back-flipping shortstop, Hall of Famer, Ozzie Smith!

A box full of memories--many of the cards feature straight-up portraits as well, with little to no action! Cello packs are the see-through wrapped packs, which have more cards than your usual wax-packs which wrap the cards in wax paper.

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